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Carports protect cars, offer additional outdoor space, provide energy savings, boost property value, and enhance security. For homeowners, investing in a carport is a smart way to improve the function and enjoyment of your property. Adding a carport to your home can provide a variety of helpful benefits beyond just a place to park vehicles.

Protection from the Elements

One of the primary advantages of carports is protecting vehicles from exposure to various weather conditions. According to industry experts, vehicles parked under carports have reduced damage from ultraviolet radiation, bird droppings, tree sap, and acid rain. Carports shield vehicles from hailstorms, which cause nearly $1 billion in insurance claims each year in the United States. With a carport, car owners also save time by clearing snow and ice off vehicles during winter months.

Additional Outdoor Space

Carports can offer more than just car shelter – they provide versatile outdoor areas for homeowners. Many homeowners utilize carports as spaces for gatherings, storage, workshops, relaxation areas, and more. Outdoor patio furniture, barbecue grills, potting benches, and other amenities can be placed under carports to maximize enjoyment. Items like bicycles, lawn equipment, and outdoor gear can also be stored securely.

Energy Efficiency

Carports have energy-saving benefits as well. Their open-air design reduces the energy load from lighting, ventilation, heating, and cooling compared to garages. Solar carports with integrated solar panels can generate sustainable electricity, even powering electric vehicle charging stations. The Planet Connection website has more details on solar carport options and benefits.

Increased Property Value

Investing in a carport can directly translate to increased property value over time. Not only does a carport protect vehicle assets. it also improves curb appeal. Modern building styles and materials can make carports attractive design features. This increased functionality and aesthetic can boost a home’s value compared to similar properties without carports.

Security and Safety

Carports also provide security advantages. Parking vehicles in open carports instead of closed garages or outdoors increases visibility. This deters potential theft and vandalism of cars and household items stored in the area. Properly installed lighting around carports can provide further security. Carports also reduce risk compared to detached garages in case of fire or carbon monoxide leaks.


Installing a carport offers many benefits for homeowners seeking to protect vehicles, expand outdoor space, increase energy efficiency and property value, and enhance safety and security. A high-quality carport designed and built specifically for your property can provide years of improved function and enjoyment. Reach out to our team of carport experts to explore options for your next home improvement project.