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Solar Carports


What are solar carports, and how do they work?

Carports are overhead canopies built to cover parking/large areas. A carport serves the dual purpose of protecting your car by acting as a shade structure and providing a large surface area that owners can cover with solar panels. That is why a solar carport protects your car from the sun, rain, and snow loads, with a solar-paneled roof that produces clean and renewable energy. You can use this energy to charge an EV or to provide electricity for your home/property. Solar carports are a growing trend today, especially among businesses with high utility bills. For example, they are becoming a popular addition to business campuses to install over their parking spaces because they provide electricity to the building and allow electric vehicle owners to charge their cars simultaneously. Property owners can add solar carports to a residential home’s driveway or a commercial business’ parking lot. 

A solar carport typically consists of a roof and solar panels mounted on top of the roof. The solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, which can be used to power the specified area or send excess energy back into the grid. 

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To achieve maximum energy efficiency, our doors and windows are properly sized and installed. They meet the energy efficiency standards. We suggest incorporating other energy-saving features, such as low-E coatings, double-paned glass, and weather stripping, into your door and window selection. Contact us today for more information, or check out our savings by design page for bigger savings, fewer hassles, and an upgraded home.

The benefits of a solar carport

Solar carports have many benefits, like: 

    1. Space– Solar carports allow for many panels to be installed. They do not need any extra land as a ground-mounted system does, and they offer far more efficient use of space, unlike a home’s limited roof space. 
    2. Energy efficiency– Solar carports can produce energy much more efficiently because solar engineers can specifically design the solar system to be tilted in the most optimal direction. This is important for energy production because tilting the panels help them capture the most sunlight in a day. 
    3. Vehicle protection– Solar carports shield your car from the sun’s intense heat. They keep cars much cooler when blistering hot and minimize radiant heat transfer. In turn, the vehicle uses lesser energy to cool down, and the A/C will not need to function at full blast when you switch it on. The efficiency of your vehicle increases along with its longevity. Your vehicle will also pump out fewer harmful emissions into the air.
    4. Cost-efficiency- A solar carport will also decrease the cost of maintaining and running a parking lot. Solar carports can be designed to redirect snow and rain to certain areas, reducing cleaning and maintenance costs. Solar carports can also make parking safer for you, your family, and your employees by reducing the level of ice in the parking lot. By using a solar carport, you are also displaying your commitment to a sustainable future.
    5. Environmental benefits– A solar carport also generates clean, renewable energy that can reduce your reliance on traditional sources of electricity. This not only helps to reduce your carbon footprint but can also lead to significant savings on your monthly energy bills.
    6. Electrical vehicle charging– Another great benefit of a solar carport is that it can be used to charge electric vehicles, making it an ideal choice for those who own or are considering purchasing an EV. By installing a solar carport, you can help reduce your daily commute’s carbon footprint and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from driving a vehicle powered by clean, renewable energy.
    7. Increase property value– a solar carport is a wise investment that can help increase your property’s value while positively impacting the environment. With its low maintenance requirements and long lifespan, a solar carport is an investment that will pay off for years to come.
    8. Tax credit– Yes! A solar carport will qualify you for the federal solar tax credit. The solar tax credit allows a federal tax deduction of 30% off the amount you spend installing a qualified solar carport.

So, whether you’re looking to protect your vehicles, reduce your carbon footprint, or save money on energy bills, a solar carport is the perfect solution. Get in touch today to learn more about this exciting technology and schedule your consultation.

How to get started?

Before installing a solar carport, it is critical to identify accurate, customized information for your property and needs. Let’s connect you to the planet with Planet Connection Inc. 

    • Once we have made contact and concluded that you are eligible for a solar carport, we will determine the plan we will execute from start to finish, covering all bases so you do not have to worry about anything. We understand that working with multiple companies to cover different parts of your project can get tiring, overwhelming, and expensive. Clients often complain about the lack of communication and service when dealing with multiple companies for their needs. The hassles of arranging and making sure things are done right are something we would like to take off your shoulders. 
    • Once we have installed and activated your solar carport, you can enjoy its benefits, while positively impacting the environment.  
    • Check out our great reviews and why they chose Planet Connection Inc. 

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and support throughout the entire installation process. Our team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns. Contact us today for more information.

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