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Improve the energy efficiency of your home

Energy-efficient doors and windows are designed to reduce the amount of heat transfer between the interior and exterior of a building. This helps improve the comfort of a home and reduce energy costs in several ways. Having energy-efficient doors and windows is another great way to upgrade your home and make it more environmentally friendly. Any property can be made more energy efficient. An energy-efficient property is also more comfortable to be in. Property owners should take advantage of energy-efficient upgrades to doors and windows because they increase the property value of a home as well. Consider the following and how an upgrade to your doors and windows can be beneficial to you: 

    1. Reduced Energy Usage: Energy-efficient doors and windows can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your home, which can lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.
    2. Improved Indoor Comfort: Energy-efficient doors and windows can help prevent drafts, which can reduce the amount of heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. This results in a more consistent and comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year.
    3. Increased Durability: Energy-efficient doors and windows are often constructed with higher, more sturdy quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, which can increase their durability and reduce the need for repairs or replacements over time.
    4. Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: Energy-efficient doors and windows are available in a wide range of styles and finishes, which can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home and increase its overall value.
    5. Improved Energy Rating: Homes with energy-efficient doors and windows can receive a higher energy rating, which can increase their resale value and marketability.

To achieve maximum energy efficiency, our doors and windows are properly sized and installed. They meet the energy efficiency standards. We suggest incorporating other energy-saving features, such as low-E coatings, double-paned glass, and weather stripping, into your door and window selection. Contact us today for more information, or check out our savings by design page for bigger savings, fewer hassles, and an upgraded home.

Why upgrade your doors & windows?

Windows are one of the primary source of heat loss in your property. Low-E coatings are an excellent way to make your windows more energy-efficient, helping you minimize energy loss. More energy-efficient windows can save you money on your energy bill, as well as reduce your carbon footprint. 

Doors are one of the main and most important components of any property. Upgrading to energy-efficient doors can have a huge impact on your overall savings. There are many different options available to replace older doors in your house with newer, stronger, more energy-efficient ones. An essential factor in upgrading doors for energy efficiency is choosing the right material.

    How to get started?

    It’s essential to utilize professionals when making upgrades to your property to ensure you’re getting the proper materials and information to meet your goals and expectations. Here is how we can get you started on making your home an energy-efficient comfort zone.

      1. Schedule consultation with us- We will schedule a suitable date and time for our project manager to come to your property for an assessment.
      2. Assess Your Needs- Our project manager will determine which doors and windows need to be changed or upgraded and what your specific goals are for the project. This will help you make informed decisions about the type and style of doors and windows you want to install.
      3. Measure Your Doors and Windows– Our project manager will accurately measure the size of your existing doors and windows so that you can order the correct size for your replacement doors and windows.
      4. Research Options– We will research different types of energy-efficient doors and windows, including materials, styles, and features based on your needs. 
      5. Order Your Doors and Windows– Once you have selected the type and style of doors and windows you want, place an order and schedule the installation with us.
      6. Prepare Your Home– Before the installation begins, remove any furniture or items from the area that may get in the way, and cover any surfaces that need to be protected.
      7. Installation: The installation process will vary depending on the type and style of doors and windows you have selected. We will follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and local building codes to ensure that your new doors and windows are installed correctly.

    After the installation is complete, inspect your new doors and windows to ensure that they are operating correctly and that they meet your expectations. Enjoy the increased comfort and energy savings that come with your upgraded doors and windows!

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