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As climate change progresses and energy costs continue rising, more homes and businesses are shifting to renewable energy sources, especially solar power. However, numerous misconceptions persist about solar panel technology and capabilities. This article debunks five prevalent solar energy myths with facts.

Myth One – Solar Systems Cannot Provide 24/7 Power

It’s true that solar panels only produce electricity when the sun is shining. However, adding solar batteries enables full-time clean energy by storing surplus solar power for nighttime use. Known as solar-plus-storage systems, these setups can provide reliable and resilient energy around the clock. Backup batteries can store and use solar energy regardless of the season, weather, or time of day.

Myth Two – Solar Panels Make Your House Unsellable

Quite the contrary, an increasing number of studies reveal that homeowners can recoup their solar panel investment by increased property values. There is high demand for sustainable, energy-efficient homes to save money and reduce environmental impact. Solar panels are a long-term investment that many people specifically search for during homebuying journeys.

Myth Three – Solar Panels Cause Roof Damage

Solar panels are designed for durable, secure roof installation. Reputable solar companies always follow best practices on siting arrays away from trees and inspecting roof structural conditions. Panel positions are adjustable to allow proper drainage while the exterior glass and mounting equipment provide weather-proof, long-lasting roof protection. Proper installation from solar professionals like Planet Connection ensures there is no damage to the roofing.

Myth Four – Solar Isn’t Actually Good for The Environment

Life cycle analyses prove solar power drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions over decades compared to fossil fuels. Plus, solar manufacturing and recycling processes have become more eco-friendly than ever. Researchers confirm each kilowatt of solar power produced over 20-30-year lifespans prevents hundreds of tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere. Rooftop solar arrays are not just good but essential for meeting sustainability goals.

Myth Five – Solar Panels Require Too Much Maintenance

Solar panels are very durable, and designed to last for decades. Many even come with 25-year power production warranties. Their glass-top sheets allow rainfall to wash away most dirt and debris buildup. Some periodic inspection and cleaning may be recommended, but overall maintenance requirements are minimal compared to extensive upkeep for appliances like pool pumps or HVAC systems.


This article set the record straight on a few misleading solar power myths. The reality is that solar energy technology has rapidly advanced to provide affordable 24/7 carbon-free electricity with minimal downsides. With smart energy storage additions and proper installations, homeowners can unlock savings while supporting a fossil fuel-free future. Now is the time to capture the sun, not myths, when making home energy decisions. Contact Planet Connection to explore your options today!